About Us

At Source Code Capital, we devote ourselves to becoming the partner of choice for world-class entrepreneurs leading today’s business transformations and technological developments.
Founded in 2014, Source Code Capital currently manages around RMB 35 billion across both RMB and USD. We insist on bottoms-up fundamental thinking and in-depth research to drive our investments. Since inception, Source Code Capital is dedicated to investments advancing technological innovation and development, supporting small and mid-sized enterprises, enriching and improving people’s livelihoods, and promoting green development, among other areas. We have partnered with over 300 companies across multiple sectors, spanning Industrial Digitization, Artificial Intelligence, Robotics, Advanced Manufacturing, Green Development, Enterprise Software, Healthcare and Biotech, New Consumption and New Brands, and Global+.
Today, our family of portfolio companies include: Bytedance, Meituan (3690.HK), KE Holdings Inc. (NYSE: BEKE), Li Auto (NASDAQ: LI, 2015.HK), RELX Technology (NYSE: RLX); Baibu, XiaoYaoYao, Casstime, Ruigushop, YQNLink, Yijiupi, Edianyun, Zhongneng United; Narwal (Yunjing Intelligence Technology), Hai Robotics, Chuxin, Mech-Mind Robotics, Keenon, XYZ Robotics, Niu Technologies (NASDAQ: NIU); Biren Technology, Silicon Integrated, GalaxySpace, Space Transportation; Unisun Energy, PowerOak, Cloudgoing Technology; ONES, Cyclone Robotics, Gaoding, Peraglobal, D5, Taichi Graphics; Qudian Inc. (NYSE: QD), Asset360, Insnail Hospital, ABC Technology, YuanBao Insurance; Weimai, Bota Bio, SiBionics, Jianhai Technology, Metis Pharmaceuticals, Galixir, Nutshell Biotech; Ziroom, Pagoda, Linji Convenience Store, Bloks Group, PMPM, moody, usmile, WonderLab, Modern China Tea Shop; OPay, Stori, LingXing, etc.
We are delighted creators of “Code Class,” our proprietary industry “super hub.” Composed of over 300 entrepreneurs and our broader partnerships, Code Class aims to provide value-adding and differentiated connections, effective and in-depth resource collaboration, and multi-dimensional experience sharing for our firm, our portfolio companies, our LPs and our broader partnerships. We have set up our Entrepreneurial Services Super Hub to provide an all-rounded entrepreneurial support system. This system is based on six principles: full assistance, full guidance, full service, full commitment, full involvement, and full compliance. With 10 functional modules across four investment stages (from seed to growth), we offer over 30 different kinds of entrepreneurial services. These include advice and support on public affairs, strategic development, sales and operations, marketing and PR branding, organization design, supply chain management, products and technology management, industrial resources, capital markets, policy research, and business laws and taxation.
The value we create extends beyond our portfolio to touch our global LP base. We are honored to partner with PRC central government guidance funds, financial institutions and insurances, leading local and global fund of funds, industrial enterprises, prestigious SWFs, as well as leading endowments, foundations and pensions, to realize our long-term vision.
Our vision is to become the most entrepreneurial investment institution, to partner and grow together with entrepreneurs, and explore the art of building an “intelligent organization” in the investment industry. These three points form the quintessential foundation on which Source Code Capital is built upon.

Industry Recognition

2021 Midas List by Forbes
2021 China’s Most Influencial Investors TOP30 by Fortune China
2021 China’s Most Popular Venture Capital Institution for Entrepreneurs TOP100 by 36Kr
2021 China’s Most Popular Venture Capital Institution for LP TOP50 by 36Kr
2021 Best Investor in Healthcare and Biotech by Huxiu
2021 China’s Best Post-Investment Services Venture Capital Institution TOP10 by Securities Times
2020 Midas List by Forbes
2020 Midas Brink List by Forbes
2020 China Venture Capital Institution TOP100 by Zero2IPO Group
2020 China’s Most Popular Venture Capital Institution for Entrepreneurs TOP100 by 36Kr
China Venture 2020 China’s Best Venture Investors Top100
TOP30 Venture Capital Institution of the Year 2020 by Jiemian
2019 Midas List by Forbes
2018 Midas List by Forbes
2018 China’s 30 Most Influential Investors by Fortune China
2018 China Venture Capital Institution TOP50(TOP20)by Zero2IPO Group
2018 TOP20 China’s Investment Firms in Consumer/Life by Zero2IPO Group
2018 China’s Most Influencial Venture Capital Institution TOP10 by 36Kr
2018 China’s Most Popular Venture Capital Institution for Entrepreneurs TOP100 by 36Kr
2018 China’s Most Popular Investor for Entrepreneurs TOP100 by 36Kr
2018 TOP1000 Global Top Scientists in Computer Science and Electronics
China Venture 2017 China’s Best Return Venture Capital Institution TOP10
China Venture 2017 China’s Best Venture Investors Top100
Sina 2017 China’s Best Investor Ranking List TOP25
2017 China’s Most Popular Investor for Entrepreneurs TOP100 by 36Kr
40 Business Elites Under 40 in 2016 by Fortune China
Angel Investor of the Year 2016 by Chuangyebang
Investor of the Year 2016 by iHeima
40 Under 40 in 2016 by Chuangyebang
Best Chinese Venture Capital Investors in 2016 by China Venture – FT Chinese
China Leading Investors Top100 by Zero2IPO Group