Joining Source Code Capital

Post-investment Management Manager


What are your responsibilities?

Maintain frequent communication with invested companies to obtain and explore their HR demands mainly on recruitment;
Operate several post-investment product lines to meet various demands of invested companies;
Establish, perfect and operate post-investment talent pool and talent transfer mechanisms;
Continue to innovate at work, improve service capability and establish corporate reputation;
Complete other relevant works.

Your qualifications:

Graduate from key colleges and universities with a full-time Bachelor’s degree or above, and are deeply interested in psychology, human resources, career counseling and management;
Prefer candidates with 3-5 years of experience in recruitment, particularly those who are passionate about the process, capable of conducting independent recruitment and full mapping, can achieve proven excellent recruitment results, and are familiar with the Internet industry;
A good knowledge of the major modules of human resources, with experience in 0-1 system construction or 1-2 system optimization, and those with HR experience in Internet startups are preferred;
Understand post-investment services and willing to provide continuous input;
Present a professional image and can-do attitude, ability to conduct logical and independent thinking, excellent learning and self-development capabilities, strong communication skills, as well as a desire to innovate; high degree of EQ, empathy, and a strong sense of responsibility.

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There are also internships in Investments, Finance, Human Resources and New Media. Outstanding undergraduates are welcome to upload their resumes.


Salary of RMB 150-300 per day; fruits, snacks, beverages and small gifts for holidays are provided;

Opportunities to understand our workflow and gain basic knowledge of the financial industry, plus the ability to cultivate professional attributes;

Those with outstanding performance may be presented with opportunities for longer-term internships, or may be able to earn full-time employment offers after graduation.

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Joining Source Code Capital Companies



Job Description:

Responsible for the establishment and maintenance of all echnological development systems of the company, and develop custom plans with departments on demand;
Responsible for the system planning and feasibility analysis of development projects, and create an overall system architecture for projects;
Participate in the design of the core framework for projects and design core codes;
Administrate, supervise and evaluate the application development team effectively while coordinating across departments;
Effectively manage and protect ongoing projects and results;
Develop technical skills of team members and sort out specifications for the technical team;
Develop the strategic technology plan of the IT department and develop new products to achieve innovation objectives;
Lead the development team through system development and maintenance.

Qualifications and Skills:

Bachelor’s degree or above in mathematics, computer science, electronics, communication; graduates from top universities at home and abroad are preferred;
Over 10 years of experience in website and software development, and minimum 5 years of experience in project management and tech team management;
Experienced in Internet finance, including banking, credit services, large-scale e-commerce and financial services; applicants with experience in BAT and other large Internet software companies are preferred;
Excellent analytical, problem-solving and logical thinking capabilities, and passionate about challenges at work;
Have a strong sense of responsibility and teamwork, excellent communication skills;
Strongly self-motivated, ambitious and enterprising, result-oriented, skillful in coordination and implementation, and able to work under intense pressure.

Beijing, Hangzhou and Guangzhou
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Job Description:

Responsible for the formulation and implementation of financing strategies, and direct financing activities of new businesses;
Participate in the decision-making and planning of important business activities, and assess, guide and track risks of major investment projects;
Responsible for financial operation and management, including accounting, financial planning, financial procedures, internal audit, properties, cost control, investment research and analysis, etc.; optimize team structure for higher efficiency of financial operation to better support the business.
Responsible for the disclosure of annual and first-half reports, overall planning of business performance release and roadshows, and coordination of major events related to investor relations;
Analyze and optimize current procedures, and continue to raise the utilization of the funds and efficiency of work;
Develop investment and financing solutions, sort out business models and drive project launches.

Qualifications and Skills:

Bachelor’s degree or above in finance-related subjects; CPA and ACCA holders are preferred;
Minimum 10 years of work experience in accounting or finance, with over 5 years of experience as finance executives at listed enterprises; applicants that have worked as CFO at financial institutional investors are preferred;
Excellent command of national fiscal and tax laws and regulations; Excellent professional judgment and proven experience in financial analysis and processing;
Demonstrate experience in financial management, capital planning, financing and capital market operation;
Applicants with experience in capital management, investment and financing, IPO of financial management for startups are preferred.

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Job Description:

Responsible for the overall planning of human resource development and strategic management, define, control and realize human resource plans in line with enterprise strategies;
Continue to build and perfect human resource management systems, study and design models human resource management (including recruitment, training, performance, payroll and employees’ career tracking systems), and create the integrated management platform catering to the company’s development strategies, thus enhancing the company’s integrated management;
Build up the organizational structure and role management mechanism through systematic analysis and human resource allocation, and improve the per capita output by controlling headcount costs and personnel optimization;
Provide insights on human resource strategy, organizational structure and administrative management to senior executives and decision-makers on a regular basis, and provide HR perspectives in major decisions;
Establish a solid human resource mechanism of development, cultivation and optimization that echoes with the actual needs of the company’s business expansion; formulate, organize and implement strategies to effectively build up the company’s talent pool to enhance the company’s core competitive edge;
Drive the establishment of an effective performance incentive mechanism with an in-depth knowledge of business needs, so as to fully motivate all team members and inspire their creativity;
Organize and promote corporate culture activities, and enhance the employees’ sense of identity and belonging; cultivate a positive public image of the company.

Qualifications and Skills:

Bachelor’s degree or above in human resources, economics and management;
More than 8 years of work experience in HR; applicants with experience in FMCG, retailing and Internet industries are preferred;
Experienced in the development and promotion of corporate human resource strategies; familiar with corporate planning and management of human resources;
Excellent communication skills, personal charisma and ability to analyze, organize and implement activities;
Proven experience in human resource management including human resource planning, recruitment, training, payroll and assessment, expert in organizational management, performance management and salary systems design in particular;
Strong competence in planning and execution; approachable with communication and coordination skills, team leadership and entrepreneurship.

Beijing, Nanjing
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Marketing VP


Job Description:

Formulate annual market development strategies and goals, and lead the implementation in phases;
Control and manage marketing expenses and the input-output of market channels systematically;
Accountable for development and maintenance of long-term and win-win cooperation with media and channels, and able to timely optimize the network according to actual operations;
Organize and carry out market statistical analysis and research as the basis for positioning, including a full grasp of business market status, understanding of competitive strategies and effective demands in the industry, and a system of market data collection and analysis;
Develop strategies for marketing and branding, responsible for the design and implementation of marketing plans, development and overall management and accumulation of market resources, integration of brands, as well as intra- and cross-industry cooperation;
Recruit and lead the marketing team, and conduct assessment and training for team members.

Qualifications and Skills:

Bachelor’s degree or above in marketing, journalism or advertising, applicants with experience as the CMO in large Internet platforms/e-commerce enterprises are preferred;
More than 10 years of work experience in marketing, with experience in marketing, branding and PR at renowned Internet enterprises;
Have an in-depth understanding of brand marketing and core needs of customers, and follow the latest updates in marketing resources and channels;
Skillful in marketing and promotion, with business acumen and ability to plan online and offline marketing activities;
Exceptional ability in PR communication, market promotion and negotiation, competence in innovation, taking up challenges and teamwork and team management.

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Sales VP


Job Description:

Responsible for the company’s overall business sales and marketing promotion; lead sales team to achieve annual sales targets;
Create incentive plans for the sales team based on sales objectives, and develop overall sales strategies and specific action plans;
Analyze industry behaviors, integrate business processes and standardize business models;
Formulate sales plans accordingly for various target segments from demand analysis based on the company’s brand and product features;
Improve the level of customer satisfaction through optimizing sales strategies, including product and operation monitoring, data analysis and competitive studies;
Responsible for sales team management, public-facing brand image and talent pipelines.

Qualifications and Skills:

Bachelor’s degree or above, minimum 8 years of work experience in Internet sales, demonstrates ability to manage teams with a minimum 5 years of experience as a leader in large sales teams;
Capable of providing real-time market insights and customer analysis, develop customer resources with accumulated accounts and customer relations;
High sense of responsibility and self-confidence, team building skills and ability to work in fast-paced, stressful environment;
Applicants with work experience in sales, real estate, Internet and SaaS industry are preferred.

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