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We believe that great investors are powerful analytical thinkers with sharp minds and strong business acumen. Leveraging their willpower, intelligence and determination, they seek to continually upgrade their “personal computing power” and enjoy all-rounded self-development.
After thorough analysis, Source Code Capital exclusively presents Source Code Research Report Issue 11.
As part of our Code Class, Code Brain is an integral part of Source Code Capital's post-investment services as an intimate offline event. Held once every month, Code Brain covers the most pressing topics and fields that concern entrepreneurs today. Code Brain organizers are CEOs and industry experts. Together, individuals have the ability brainstorm and discuss hot topics in an offline and intimate environment. The Code Brain program allows for the Code Class to network and receive valuable case sharing from established entrepreneurs.
OMO stands for online-merge-offline, which is when boundaries of the online and offline worlds are eliminated due to the comprehensive integration. The OMO era follows the O2O era where new investment prospects appear from the online sector’s empowerment of the offline sector. Some questions being asked include: what kind of opportunities and value depressions are the result of retail enterprises during the OMO era? Where will future breakthroughs take place? After thorough analysis, Source Code Capital exclusively presents Source Code Research Report Issue No. 10.
Dr. Hongjiang Zhang recently appeared on CGTN English Channel’s “Dialogue with Yang Rui.” Dr. Zhang engaged in a fascinating discussion with host Yang Rui on the topic of “issues that have emerged during the course of the development in the artificial intelligence (AI) sector.”
Three years into this prosperous and dynamic world of the new economy, we have just got ourselves a foothold to start. 2017 was the year of what the company called “The Year of Prominence.” It was at this third anniversary that the company achieved the success of Phase III of RMB and USD fundraising. While the Phase III RMB fund continued to attract more leading enterprises (entrepreneurs), it also received investments from national guide funds, top-grade FOFs, and mega state-owned enterprises. Like its RMB counterpart, the Phase III USD fund acquired abundant investments from many sovereign wealth funds, charity funds, pension funds, FOFs, and family foundations. A successful Phase III fundraising has always been considered a significant sign of “prominence” by a portfolio management company. We are fortunate that our diligent work helped to establish such a firm foundation.
In 2017, interest in insurance technology began to rise due to the increase in the popularity of specific industry trends. WeChat launched its “Weibao WeSure" platform in November, led by the WeSure medical insurance and WeSure car insurance products. On September 28th, ZhongAn Online Property & Casualty Insurance Co. went public in Hong Kong, resulting in its market value exceeding 100 billion RMB. The company’s subsidiary branch, ZhongAn Technology, focuses on technological research in the InsurTech area. In July, Ant Financial announced that it would reveal the technology behind its Dingsunbao, or Loss Assessment Master app, which uses artificial intelligence (AI) to assess damages and claims.
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