Source Code Capital Announces Kaisi Chang as Partner

Source Code Capital is pleased to announce the promotion of Mr. Kaisi Chang to Partner. Mr. Chang graduated from Tsinghua University with a major in Automation. He later achieved his Doctorate Degree from Cambridge University. He joined Source Code Capital firm in 2016 as one of the inaugural members of the Growth investment strategy. Focused on investments in new consumption and new brands, Mr. Chang was selected to join the Top 20 Consumer Market Investors list in China by the VC media 36Kr for two years in a row.

Since Mr. Chang joined Source Code Capital over five years ago, he led investments in Edianyun, Narwal, Usmile, BLOKS, Cha Yan Yue Se, Ziroom, Linji Convenience Store, Pagoda, among others. He also sponsored investments in Bytedance, Ke Holding Inc., Yijiupi, XinChao Media Group, Wangbaobao, and others.

Mr. Chang said, “Entrepreneurship is about understanding the era in which we live in. Entrepreneurs need to seize the moment and the opportunity. We believe that the future lies with a better use of technology, a focused attention on products and consumers, and a deeper understanding of the global market. We are consistently devoting ourselves to invest in the most promising technological products, as well as promoting the development of SMEs. We are willing to work with outstanding entrepreneurs to use the power of technology and innovation to help build a better life.”

“The excellence of an enterprise depends largely on its founding team; thus, it is fundamental for investors to find a top-tier founding team. Despite all the vicissitudes of the current economic landscape, Kaisi knows how to recognize potential and vision, and he will take a stand for what he believes in. He is making investments with long-term value,” said Junbin Zhang, Narwal Founder & CEO.

Pengcheng Ji, Edianyun Founder & CEO, echoed, “Kaisi is an excellent value investor. He is savvy on user demands, while also capable of delving into extending business models. He can see through things. We (Edianyun) enjoy Kaisi’s partnership all along our development and growth process. He offers helpful advice on strategy and tactics. He is indeed a trustworthy friend to us.”