Li Auto
Founded in 2015, Li Auto (NASDAQ:LI) is committed to changing travel with technology to benefit more people. The Founder Li Xiang has over 10 years of experience in the automotive industry, and previously founded and led Autohome (NYSE: ATHM) public with a market capitalization of $10+ billion. ONE, the company’s first smart electric car, is designed as a medium and large luxury SUV addressing family travel, and can sit 6-7 people. ONE uses an extended range electric solution with a combined NEDC range of 800+ kilometers. It is fully equipped with its four-screen smart interaction and Driving Assistance System, which bring a more intelligent, safe, and convenient driving experience.

Headquartered in Beijing, Li Auto (NASDAQ:LI) has a self-built manufacture base in Changzhou. It is fully equipped with an integrated research and innovation center, test center, and sales/service network, and aims to provide customers with best-in-class driving experience, vehicle delivery, and maintenance service.
Founded in Shenzhen in 2016, HAI ROBOTICS is the pioneer of and leader in the box-type warehouse robot system. HAI ROBOTICS is committed to providing efficient, intelligent, flexible and customized warehousing automation solutions, to create value for each factory and logistics warehouse.

HAI ROBOTICS focuses on the R&D and design of the box-type warehousing robot system. It has won multiple independent research and intellectual property recognition globally across core elements, such as the robot body, fundamental positioning algorithm, control system, robot scheduling, and intelligent warehouse management system. HAI ROBOTICS successfully launched its first HAIPICK ACR operation in 2015 as the first box-type warehousing robot system.
The MRO industrial product trading market has significant space for innovation and efficiency improvements. Ruigushop was formally established in 2015 and officially began its sales in 2016. Ruigushop is committed to reforming the supply chain of the traditional industrial internet market, bringing an efficient purchasing experience to each user. It has been deployed in more than 100 cities across China.
YQNLink is a leading one-stop international logistics online service platform, offering comprehensive international logistics services including ocean freight, air freight, trucking services, customs clearance, warehousing, cargo insurance, port of destination services, etc. It is designed to apply the internet and digital technology to visualize and optimize cross-border supply chain logistics to achieve the same convenience as express delivery. YQNLink has completed the C round of financing and serviced more than 10,000 enterprises until now.