Opening Sources, Decoding The Future
Opening Sources,
Decoding The Future

Source Code Capital’s 2018 annual Code Conference themed “Opening Sources, Decoding the Future” was convened in Beijing. Mr. Hui Zuo, president of Lianjia Group, gave an outstanding speech on  “The Changed vs. The Unchanged in the Real Estate Market”. According to Mr. Zuo, due to the factors like changes taking place in the demographic structure and population densification in China, the vibration in the entire real estate industry is picking up momentum. More and more cities are encountering aging problems within its population, and quickly degenerating. However, densification in population doesn’t mean necessary  equal to lose in  efficiency in resources consumption.
Source Code Capital’s 2018 annual Code Class convention, themed “Opening Sources – Decoding the Future,” commenced in Beijing. Source Code Capital’s VP of Investment Department Di Yuan, Founder of Zenjoy Kai Xia, Founder of BluePay Rui Chen, founder of RozBuzz Ning Chen, all shared their learning and insights on the topic of venturing overseas. Di Yuan said “Going overseas is going into an immense blue ocean. On the way, it is possible to encounter sharks in its vast openness. It is also possible to have difficult struggles in its depth. Therefore, Chinese enterprises moving to expand overseas are on a very long path. It is worthwhile to dig deep for long-term values. At the same time, there are many challenges, and we should run our overseas businesses with reverence and apprehension.”
On April 20, 2018, Source Code Capital’s 2018 Annual Code Class Conference themed “Opening Sources, Decoding the Future” convened in Beijing. Amongst the attendees were Peng Zhang, the Founder and President of GeekPark; Dr. Hongjiang Zhang, Venture Partner of Source Code Capital; and the Chairman of Googol Technology and Songshan Lake Xbot Park, Professor Zexiang Li from Hong Kong University of Science and Technology. Together, they discussed the hottest topics of the moment: the state, trends, difficulties of technology entrepreneurship, and how it can be better integrated with commerce.
On April 20, 2018, Source Code Capital’s 2018 Code Class, “Opening Sources | Decoding the Future,” convened in Beijing. At this year’s Code Class annual meeting, CEOs from companies backed by Source Code Capital discussed the Industrial Internet, new models for Online-Merge-Offline retail sales, international expansion, entrepreneurial spirit, the pace of founding a business, talent acquisition, management, and other topics.
Code Class Annual Meeting Videos and Speeches: