Code Class Annual Meeting
Code Class
Annual Meeting

In December 2014, the first annual Source Code Capital Conference, also known as the Source Code Capital reunion, had its grand opening at the Commune By the Great Wall. It gathered a dozen Source Code Capital's limited partners (LPs) and all the CEOs of the portfolio companies for in-depth discussions. Many LPs gave great speeches filled with knowledge and insights which we will present one by one.
December 2014 is a remarkable month in the history of Source Code. It marked the first Code Class Annual meeting – where nearly 20 Source Code entrepreneur LPs and CEOs from about 40 portfolio companies came together to discuss the latest Internet trends in China. This was action-filled 3-day event, the first of its kind, and the mark of a new strategic alliance between New Economy leaders, financial capital, and industrial capital, all joined together through Source Code Capital.
Code Class Annual Meeting Videos and Speeches: