Infiltrating Intelligence & Striving Forward
Infiltrating Intelligence &
Striving Forward

At the 2017 Code Class Annual Meeting, Founder and CEO of Toutiao, Yiming Zhang, shared some of his insights with Code Class members on the topic of, “As a CEO, You Must Avoid Rational Conceitedness. It’s about Context, not Control.”  
On Source Code Capital's 2017 Code Class, Chairman of Hui Zuo shared Lianjia's vision and perspective on the real estate industry. Hui Zuo believes that to analyze the real estate industry, four aspects need to be considered. First aspect: Commercial real estate. The core business of China's real estate industry is currently still residential, a prospect for commercial real estate is promising. Second aspect: Population distribution. Position ahead of time using predictions of future population distribution. Third aspect: Classifying the industry. Segmenting the industry into construction, trading platform, real estate aftermarket and market for financial services. Fourth aspect: Online-to-offline. There are opportunities for online to enhance all industries offline. There is still great potential for offline businesses in the real estate industry, thus online need to stay connected to offline.
There is a general consensus within the business world that the success of Meituan is inseparable from its invisible offline army. At the 2017 Code Class Annual Meeting, Wang Huiwen, the CEO of the catering platform Meituan-Dianping, took a retrospective look at Meituan through the lens of the fierce group purchasing battle that occured. Did Meituan’s standard strategy really consist of “encircling cities from rural areas” as regarded by outsiders? Can Meituan’s success be attributed to its strategic adherence or tactical flexibility? Meituan’s experiences are worthy of reflection for many of us.
Source Code Capital announced during the 2017 Code Class that former CEO of Kingsoft Dr. Hongjiang Zhang joined Source Code as a Venture Partner.
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