Mr. Yungang Huang joined Source Code Capital in 2017. With over a decade of experience, Mr. Huang is a veteran in venture capital and investing. He has deep expertise in corporate strategy, organization structure and design, talent recruitment, market planning, and corporate finance. Having witnessed the evolution and impact that the Internet and new technologies have had on multiple industries, commerce and platform companies, he also has a deep understanding of economic and innovation cycles. In 2018, he was chosen as “2018 China’s 100 Best Investors Voted by Entrepreneurs” and “2018 China’s Top10 Online Education Investors” by 36Kr Media. Mr. Huang previously served as Managing Director for Matrix Partners China.​

Mr. Huang graduated from Zhejiang University with a Bachelor’s in Business Management, and is one of the first recipients of Zhejiang University’s Master’s Degree in Entrepreneurial Management.